Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015


Weiter geht es!

1st – Marco Troiano
Marco looked at the 1982 Yamaha Sr250 and rolled up his sleeves.
He started modifying thoroughly, shortening it and using a unique rear suspension scheme, with a single shock working in reverse, when in traction instead of in compression.The rear 16” tyre is beautifully and really unusual, being nothing less than a tractor’s front wheel. Genial.And the tank is straight from a 70’s 50cc motorcycle but Marco doesn’t even remember where he got it from, the fairing and fairing’s frame are homemade.

2nd – Eugenio Vezzetti
“Years”: Eugenio literally expresses like this the time it took him to finally decide to cut the frame of his donor bike, a CZ 174 Trail, with a 2 strokes single-cylinder engine. Once cut he thought about making a rigid and super low frame. The fork is OEM, as pretty much everything else on the bike, which is basically made of re-adapted stock parts. The seat was completely homemade, carved from a single aluminum sheet and a hand sewed pillow by Eugenio himself. Also the exhaust is still stock, nonetheless the lights are a Carrello fog light and a polished 30’s push bike’s headlight. The “cherry” on top of the bike is the double key built with two audio jack connectors for the starters and the lights.

3rd – Jacopo Monti
The funky “Skate Bob R” from Jacopo born from a Motoretta 50 MotoBi, from which the rear frame was cut and the swing arm was stretched, making it rigid. The seat became suspended using the shocks that came off. The handlebar is a short track one, and that’s from that discipline that comes the tank: as Jacopo said, it is from a Trophy Sportster 883, “with the cap damaged by my nuts when they gave me a brakeless bike and with which I was almost killing myself.” To finish it off a leather backpack was added, detachable to be taken off when leaving the moped.

4th – Elephant Garage
“Gina” was a 1964 Gilera 98, it was modified with a Gilera 124’s tank, custom made exhaust, Ducati Monster’s handlebar, knobbly tyres, the pegs made with a threaded billet and the throttle made with a lever. Other parts are straight from the bicycle world: Bike pedal kick-starter, bicycle seat, and shift lever made from a hammer grip shod with a bicycle grip.

5th – Riccardo Andreotti
Also Riccardo started cutting and rebuilding the rear section of the monster 750’s frame, in order to get the aluminum tail section flush with thank.
It’s been thought a flat-track styled triple tree offset, combined with Yamaha R6’s fork legs, Alpina Rims and a rear shock coming from a KTM with dedicated setting. And then a flat track handlebar as the exhaust derived from a Harley Davidson Wood.


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