Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2015

Deus Beach Track Friday

via  Deus Indonesia!

Well that was a friggin hoot! We spent the afternoon with a lot of like minded out at Batu Tampih Beach fanging up and down in the sand that had been left exposed by the lowering tide. It was as hot as a two-dollar whore on the Fourth of July at our seaside postcardesque palm lined beach. The wise people braved the skin scorching sand to cool off in the sea. The rest of us hunkered down in the shade. And waited for the tide to go out far enough to get up and out there. It was definitely time well spent that we managed to wrap all around with a million smiles that were peppered with shots of laughter as people spilled and thrilled. Some of the two wheel heroes managed to do away with the front tire as they pulled on the gas along the straights. People collided into the corners, each hoping that they’d be the one spat out in front.Sure we billed it as a super fun ride where we’d all go round and round and up and down but that didn’t stop a lot of people bringing their competitive spirit along for the ride. Good natured yet bloodthirsty at the same time as they hit the black volcanic sand with nigh a thought other than to demolish their mates in the next turn of the inaugural Deus Beach Track Friday. It was totally epic. We can’t wait until next year’s to roll around.
We have to thank the multitude of photographers, we needed on hand to capture these shots. Dean Walters, Arief Budiatna, Giang Alam Wardani and Olga Sinenko.

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