Sonntag, 22. Mai 2016

Ducati Scrambler Kit by CRD

Heute stelle ich euch kurz ein KIT-System für die Ducati Scrambler von CRD aus Madrid vor.Die Spanier haben Anbauteile entwickelt, die in verschiedenen Ausführungen gekauft werden und ohne große Schwierigkeiten montiert werden können. Eine sehr gute Möglichkeit, die eigene Scrambler ohne großen Aufwand zu individualisieren. 

What’s in the kit?
1- Best of all is that the subframe is neither modified or cutted, following his own way, we have made a new seat upholstery to the taste of each, which is placed above the tubes of the subframe, taking advantage of the structure itself to leave view the curves of the lateral as a natural hand grips. 650€

 2- The way to top off the seat can be done in two ways. In any case, the structure of the subframe end in a curve created exclusively by CRD (90€) and that one need not be welded. It is screwed directly. This curve can go with a LED light online (180€) without fender or with a small fender (250€), also created by CRD and a small tail light.

 3- Finally, we have devised a pair of covers (220€) that go under the sub-frame and hide everything we do not want to display. These can be plain or drawing you want. These in particular are those holes with the express request to make it to match with the exhaust system.

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