Sonntag, 16. Juli 2017

Deus Ex Machina The Tweeki 1200

So schön kann eine Harley sein!
Die Tausendsasa aus Sydney haben einen Kundenauftrag kreativ Umgebaut und mit feinen Materialien ausgestattet. Der Focus wurde neben der außergewöhnlichen Optik auch auf eine gute Fahrbarkeit gelegt. Gabel und Räder sind aus einer GSXR 600, Scheiben von Behringer und der Tacho kommt von Motogadget. Greg von Sydney Composites modifizierte den Fiberglas-AN-BU-Sitzteil und baute die Carbon Faser-Sitzbasis. Die krasse Lackierung wurde von Dutchy's realisiert. Viele Arbeitsstunden und Veränderungen haben sich gelohnt!
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via Deus
Grip Ace Switches incorporated in the one-off machined grips and bar ends designed by Deus House build king, Jeremy Tagand, and made by Andrew of Vert Design.
The 2-way adjustable forks and Michelin wrapped wheels are off the very capable GSXR600 with discs from Beringer. The cherry on top of this front end is the Motogadget Speedo nestled in the CNC billet aluminium Top triple clamp. This Harley no longer suffers the woes of poor handling and strict highway riding. She is ready to rip up the track! Gimme, gimme!
This chain converted horse was made wet by our long-time friend and spray wizard, Dutchy from Dutchy’s Paintwork. He delivered the goods with a one-of-a-kind fade. A fresh lick that anyone of us would die for.
The brains come from the Germans themselves with Motogadget gear painted throughout the electrical system.
Greg from Sydney Composites modified the fibreglass AN-BU seat section and made the carbon fibre seat base to fit like a glove!
The rear wheel was an absolute bitch to fit. But, all praise to Jimmy from Sublime Fabrications who made this happen with the glory and precision of his very capable hands.
Sound is made by custom modified headers from Two Brother’s, then flowing through the custom in house fabricated 2-1-2 pipes and exiting via Two Brother’s Mufflers. To finish off, the HD was finely tuned with a dyno tune by Harley at RB Racing.

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