Sonntag, 13. Mai 2018

The Deus SR 500 Milano Street Tracker

Cooler SR 500 Tracker von Deus Ex Machina aus Milano!

molto carino!!!

To quote Marco, a member of the Deus family and happy owner of the bike:
“It’s all Marco Belli’s fault. Yes it really is. Even though he doesn’t know it”.
Years ago I saw a guy on a bike doing crazy things. I asked who it was and was told “Marco Belli, a flat track champion”.
Well, I knew what it was though had never really been very interested in it. Years later I took part in a flat track course with, no less, Marco Belli as the instructor. It was a real revelation. At that moment I thought how I’d make a flat track bike for every day use. To roam around Milan – flat track style – as much as possible.

· Modified rear subframe, goffrey black paint
· SDG Aluminum rear swing arm
· Ohlins rear shock absorber
· Discacciati CNC wheels plates
· 19′ Rims and flat track tires
· Discacciati brake system
· “Flat Bar” handlebar
· Custom CNC footpegs
· Flushed cylinder head and JE-HC piston
· Kehin FCR carburetor
· Sc Project exhaust system
· Custom wiring with handlebar hidden wires
· Fast response throttle
· Ufo headlamp
Photos: Marco Renieri

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