Dienstag, 25. Februar 2014

The Veritas from Kott Motorcycles

Original Suzuki re-chromed wheels were re-laced with stainless custom cut spokes. The oil tank is of a parallelogram design that replicates the 55° and 125° triangulation of the Honda frame rails. Stainless steel feed and return hose was used in unison with leak-free A.N. fittings welded into the custom steel tank. In order to achieve a refined and elegant stance, this particular build incorporated the always useful 750 Supersport fuel tank complete with hand and knee indentations. The seat was made to just the right length for a continuous flow of color against the wheel base and overall length of the machine. Indentations were added to the seat to maintain a steady and comfortable aesthetic that paired well with the BMW charcoal gray paint selection. As a visual highlight, electroplated brass was incorporated sparingly to create a warm and antique finish and complements the RK gold O-ring high-performance drive chain and 17 tooth counter sprocket.
As with all builds done under the roof of Kott Motorcycles, a commitment to honest work that is well executed is a constant theme with every completed machine.
Often times the inspiration for a build can revolve around one single component. In the case of this 1976 CB 750, the rare and valuable four shoe front drum hub of the Suzuki Triple Two-Stroke Series became that very component.
Via Kott Motorcycles.

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