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1995 Yamaha sr400 by Half Caste Creations

Grandioses Design!!

via half caste creation

The initial idea was to create an ART DECO/FUTURISM inspired motorcycle with a 1996 Yamaha SR 400 engine and frame.  One of the driving questions of this project was, “if we were to put our selves in the shoes of car designers from the 1920’s, how would we imagine the future for motorcycle design to be?”

We took the idea of tear drop shapes found in cars from the period and streamlined our tank design to ergonomically flow with the rear cowling in an “s” shaped manner. Allowing for an uninterrupted balance between the short and fat rear tire to tall and skinny front tire giving REPTILIA its commanding yet graceful stance.

We chose Firestone Military ANS tires in an unconventional pairing to the “traditional ideology” of which treads of tires “match” with what bike shape. Expressing the artistic play between the textures and symmetry of the black crocodile skin used for the seat and tank to compliment the aggressive, off-road vintage tires.  

An out of the box 1947 car fog light is represented as the face of REPTILIA, time traveling back to the imagined nostalgic days of the 1920’s concept motorcycle design.

Modifications – Reptilia

Frame & suspension
Standard Frame, swing arm and vintage Harley Davidson front fork springer end. Nitro heads short rear shock absorbers
(aluminum) Modified, chopped rear sub frame, fabricated curved fender seat (matt chromed) Firestone ANS Military tyre (front) 4.00 x 19” ANS tyre (rear) 4.50 x 18” with stainless steel spokes (chromed).

Brakes & controls
Stock front and rear drum brake set up, retro brass clutch & brake lever
(chromed). HCC customs throttle housing (aluminum) with machined HCC custom grips (aluminum) stock gear control & foot pegs.

Standard Engine with upgraded 38mm Keihin CR Special racing carburetors, HCC custom integrated header pipe and exhaust muffler
(matt chromed). Finned engine cover dress kits. Battery eliminator coils, wiring relocated in custom fabricated under seat storage.

Original vintage 1947 art deco style fog headlamp
(chromed), 1930’s teardrop taillight replica (chromed)

Gas tank has been hand fabricated to a peanut style curved tank, custom paint job
(glossy black) with a push in screw Harley tank cap (glossy black) Tank is upholstered in Siamese crocodile (tanned gloss black)

Seat & upholstery
Solo integrated fender seat design has Siamese crocodile upholstery
(tanned gloss black).

  • 1947 fog lamp (original) modified bulb
  • 1930’s tear drop taillight (replica)
  • 1930’s Harley springer forks (replica)
  • Nitroheads rear shock absorbers (aluminum)
  • 4.00 x 19 Firestone ANS Military (front), Firestone ANS Military 5.00 x 16 (rear)
  • Stock front & rear drum brake 
  • HCC custom peanut tank (Siamese crocodile upholstered)
  • HCC custom machined grips (aluminum)
  • Harley pop up gas cap (aluminum)
  • vintage style brake & clutch levers (chromed)
  • Keihin CR Special racing carburetors
  • Finned engine covers kit (aluminum)
  • HCC custom curved exhaust (chromed)
  • HCC custom curved fender seat (Siamese crocodile upholstered)
  • Oval tapered air filter & chrome breather

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