Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013

Kott CB 350 von 1969

The donor bike, a 1969 CB 350,  has a rebuilt stock displacement motor that at its core runs as well as a CB 350 is known to. The fuel tank that was fitted from a Suzuki from the late '70's of a much larger capacity. The seat was constructed in the signature Kott design using round bar and sheet steel with a concept in mind to match the oversized tank with the in congruently small tail section as a throwback to the famed T.T. Manx racers. An extension was made for each individual exhaust pipe to create a more angular and aggressive exhaust stance. 4 1/2" Italian made CEV headlight was used in order to appropriate the smaller stature of the machine and to facilitate a downsized speedometer that runs off the original speedo cable all housed in a handmade headlight fairing that carried an aesthetic appropriation of color and fullness to the front of the machine.  The powder-coated black wheels were fitted with stainless spokes and highly polished hubs, bringing new life to the rolling chassis. Heavy frame modifications, hand-cut rearsets, and a dedication to a well-balanced, great performing machine has provided a glimpse of an exciting new series of 2013 builds currently underway. It is always a challenge to have a blue finish on any machine that does not lend itself to a purple hue. This bike has been aptly nicknamed the 'ink blue 350' for its deep blue nearly black color. In its short life, this bike has been featured in several magazines and was awarded 1st place at the AHRMA sponsored annual event Corsa Moto Classica in Willow Springs, CA in April 2013. It has also been selected to be featured at the annual Sturgis motorcycle rally in the exclusive Ton Up exhibit in August 2013.

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