Sonntag, 8. März 2015

Honda CB 550 Umbau von Hammerbike Customs

E- Mail von Roman Molchanov von Hammerbike Customs aus Sibirien.
Roman lebt und arbeitet in Sibirien und hat unter anderem diese atemberaubende Honda CB 550 Baujahr 1979 umgebaut. Da mich dieses Motorrad so extrem begeistert, und so viele Fragen noch nicht beantwortet sind, habe ich ein kleines Interview mit Roman geführt.
Genießt diesen Umbau aus Sibirien!! (unglaublich)

Honda CB 550
This bike based on Honda CB550, 1979 year. Wheels- comstar, fork- HD wla45, karburators- yamaha fzr, custom made exhaust and intake, aluminium details are   custom made too (except rear fender- it is from V-rod). Frame modified. All brass detail-   custom made. Brakes- brembo, shocks- ohlins, tires- avon speedmaster, grips- kijima. This motorcycle is fully usable and reliable

Interview with Roman Molchanov/Hammerbike Customs 

GB: How long do you customize motorbikes?
Roman: I do it 18 years. I`m 29 ))

GB: What is the motorcycle scene in Sibiria?
Roman: In Sibiria  few custom shops and custombuilders,
but more and more people are doing it.Short summer, 6-7 month.
The long winter has to creativity. 

GB: How is the feedback?
Roman: I do repairs and tuning motorcycles. Customizing generates income in the winter

GB: Is it difficult to customize motorbikes in Sibiria?
Roman: The main difficulty is the presence of customers for good projects.
But I build motorcycles for myself too, it just takes more time due to funding.
For projects that need money and time.
GB: Where do you get your parts?
Roman: I order parts from Japan, eBay. Much of the produce itself.
only need the engine and wheels, everything else I do myself.

GB: Tell me something about your new project?
Roman: I'm doing several projects at the same time.
One of the following - NSU (1936)  bobber with Kawasaki engine
and many brass parts.

Roman, thanks for the Interview and continue to rock Sibiria

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